Şarkı Adı: About Her

Söyleyen Grup: Echo 2001

Şarkının Bulunduğu Albüm: Alcoholism

Şarkı Sözü:

Life is there for me
I don't know why I'm here
With my hopeless dream
Here's the pain comes back for me
I know she's right there but also far away
Now I'm getting mad and writing a song for her

Just like the passing years I'm crying everyday
Trying to forget her but my life is all about her
She's still in my heart it's the way of my life
Every single day my dreams are all about her

Time is going on but my feelings are the same
I'm getting used to that painful memory
I'm trying to relax everytime I close my eyes
First that hopeless dream then I'm singing "Alcoholism"

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Bu sitenin tasarımı ve programlaması Emir Aydın (TAC'10) tarafından yapılmıştır. (2007)